Chilli Chicken Dry Recipe Indian Style

Indo Chinese Chilli Chicken Recipe

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Spicy chilli chicken, my husband always loved this curry in-fact I can say he is totally crazy about chilli chicken. I made it many times for him but never posted in my blog. Today I thought to write a post on how to make chilli chicken at home.

If you are already making it at your home then its good, if not then try my style today and let me know how it goes.

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Ingredients for Spicy Chilli Chicken Curry:

  • 1lb chicken (I prefer boneless)
  • 2large onion (cut into cubes)
  • 1 capsicum (cut in to cubes)
  • 1tsp ginger garlic paste
  • 1tbsp corn flour
  • 1tsp all purpose flour/maida
  • 1tsp soya sauce
  • 2tbsp tomato sauce
  • 1tsp red/green chilli sauce
  • 2-3 green chilli (optional)
  • 2tbsp garlic (finely chopped)
  • 1/2tsp coriander powder
  • 1/2tsp cumin powder
  • Salt to taste
  • Oil for deep frying
  • Pinch of ajinomoto
  • Pinch of red food colour (optional)

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How to Make Chilli Chicken:


  • Cut chicken into small cube size pieces. In a bowl add salt, ginger garlic paste, corn flour, all-purpose flour, coriander powder, cumin powder, 1/2tsp soya sauce and food colour. Now mix it well with little water. Do not make it too runny, make it a thick kind of paste. Let it sit for an hour
  • In a kadai add enough oil for frying those chickens. Once oil becomes hot add those chicken pieces and fry them till golden brown.
  • Now in another pan add 2tbsp oil, once oil becomes hot add chopped garlic and fry for few seconds.
  • Add onion and capsicum to it and fry it 1-2 minutes. Do not fry those onion and capsicum too much.
  • Add rest of soya, tomato, chilli sauce, ajinomoto, salt to it and mix well.
  • Add those fried chicken to it and give it a quick mix. If you want little gravy then mix a tsp of corn flour to half cup of water and add it with chicken. Let it sit in a low flame for a minute.


Now your delicious chilli chicken is ready to serve with rice, roti or paratha. I love to have it with paratha.


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Name: Priya

Thanks for the recipe, I cooked this yesterday and it turned out so well. We all enjoyed the food here and a Big thanks from all of us..

Name: Pragyan

Hi Priya, I am glad that it came out well and you all liked it.

Name: Priya

The recipe is just awesome. thanks for upload. just let me know what should one do for tangy chicken. should we add vinegar!

Name: Pragyan

Hi Priya, yes you can add vinegar before marination and you can do one more thing, at the time of adding sauces to the chicken add little more water to it so that you can get more soft and tangy chilli chicken.

Name: rnr

Looks good.

Name: pavitra poojari

It was really awesome enjoyed a lot.

Name: Bharathi

Do we add the paste / the chicken & then fry?

Name: Pragyan

Yes add paste which i mentioned above to the chicken then fry.

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