Grilling Safety Tips

Safe Grilling

By | Posted on 3/10/2011 2:19:58 PM

It’s summer time, I know you must have lots of plan like outing, grilling outside etc. Yes you can grill inside your home but there is more fun in outdoor grilling and dinning.

I really love outdoor dining I must say it is the perfect fun in summer weather even I can say without the outdoor grilling a summer is not completed. But outdoor grilling means taking some extra precautions, I have mentioned some points for outdoor grilling just have a look before you plan for outdoor grill.

  • Don’t go for barbeque in windy weather. Choose the best place like open area and it should be away from house.
  • Put a table next to your barbeque so that you will get some space for putting your utensils, hot pads, food, plates etc.
  • Clean the surface of the grill before you start grilling. Heat the surface for ten minutes.
  • Use long handle utensils to avoid burning. Do not leave the grill unattended.
  • If you are using charcoal grill use the starter liquid before placing food on grill.
  • If you are planning for some snacks or some homemade food then keep them in ice so that it will not spoil before serving.
  • Do not use starter fluid on hot coals. Keep the grill vent open to stay free from ashes.
  • To turn off coals. Close all the vents and cover with lid.
  • Use completely defrosts and well marinates meat so that it will cook evenly.
  • At the end of your all process I mean end of your grilling add water to the coals for extinguishing fire completely and throw them away from the grilling area.


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