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Tandoori Naan

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These days lots of people are suffering from diabetes so they should not eat any kind of rice products. They can eat wheat products and naan bread is one among them. It is kind of chapatti but little different as the main ingredient is all purpose flour instead of whole wheat flour. If you been looking for recipe of naan for a long time then here is the step-by step process of how to make naan at home.

all purpose flour

Ingredients for Naan Recipe:

naan dough

  • All purpose flour (2cup)
  • Yeast (1tbsp)(if you do not have yeast you can use here baking soda)
  • Milk/Yogurt (1/2cup)
  • Egg (1 well beaten)(optional)
  • Sugar (1/2tbsp)
  • Salt (1/2tbsp)
  • Warm water (1/2cup)
  • Butter/Oil (1tbsp)

Recipe for Naan and its Making Guide:

  • Take warm water, yeast and mix them well. Now leave it for 2-3 minutes.
  • Add milk or yogurt to the warm water then add the well beaten egg to the milk. Remember milk, yogurt and egg should be from room temperature, if you had them in the cooler then keep them outside before mixing.
  • If you are vegetarian then no need to use the egg. It makes the naan very soft but the naan will not be that hard on not adding the egg.
  • Add sugar, salt and milk then mix it well.
  • Add the mixture to the all purpose flour. Now make very soft dough.
  • Remember one thing do not add all the mixture to the flour just add little by little.
  • Add butter/oil to the dough and keep it aside at least for 30-40 minutes. If you can leave it more than 40 minutes then also good.
  • Now divide the dough into medium balls and make round shape by using two hands (you can give it any shape).
  • If you like garlic you can put finely chopped garlic on the top of the round spread naan.
  • Now put it on the foil and keep it in the oven at 500 degree Fahrenheit temperature for 10 minutes.
  • You should preheat the oven before making the naan.

Now your naan is ready to serve, spread little butter on the top of it and serve it hot. You can also roll the dough using your roller and make it thin so that it will just look like roti/chapatti. If you don’t have oven then make the naan using your frying pan and stove. I tried all these methods and everything works for me. If you try this at home then let me know your experience. We love to have the naan with butter chicken and believe me it is just heaven. Keep posting your recipe ideas here so that I can share it with all.

tandoori naan


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Name: saba

I am going to make it rightnow and will email you again . i have tandoor clay one in my patio.will this work ? do reply !! await reply

Name: Pragyan

Hi Saba sorry for late reply. Yes that tandoor clay will work for making naan. Let me know how your naan turns out.

Name: Saber Masoom

Dear Saba Please enjoy and have a fun and give me your opinion..

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