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Mango Pulp Dessert from My Kitchen

By | Posted on 4/7/2011 11:35:35 AM

I know everybody love mango, it is one of my favorite fruit. It always tempts me to eat as much as possible so I thought of making a good dessert with mango. Even though it is a seasonal food but you can make it any time using the mango pulp which is readily available in the market.

mango dessert idea

You can name this dessert mango mousse, amarkhand or srikhand what ever you like.There are lots of health benefits of mango like it is high in iron, prevents cancer and heart diseases, and help from acid problems. So I can suggest you to eat mango at least during its season time. Here is my favorite dessert recipe for you. The recipe is for 6-7 people.

Ingredients for Mango Dessert:

  • Mango pulp(1can, you can use fresh ripe mango as well)
  • Cream cheese(8 oz/227gm, you can use thick yogurt)
  • Sugar(as per taste)
  • Saffron(a pinch for garnishing)
  • Nuts (4-5 Pistachio, almonds slice for garnishing)
  • Milk(1/2cup)
  • Rasgulla(10-12 small size)

How to Make Mango Dessert:

  • Add mango pulp, cream cheese (cheese should be in room temperature) and sugar to the grinder and grind it. (You can use yogurt instead of cream cheese. In a muslin cloth hang around eight to ten tbsp of thick yogurt till it becomes dry like paneer).
  • Add milk to the mixture and grind it again till become smooth.
  • Make one layer of that mango mixture on bottom of a bowl then put rasgullas on top of it. again give one more layer of that mango on top of rasgullas.
  • Garnish with sliced Pistachio, almonds and saffron. If you want you can add two three rasgullas on top just for decoration.
  • Refrigerate it for three to four hour and serve it chill.

Hope you will enjoy this dessert and don’t forget to leave me a comment. If you have any new dessert ideas please share with us here.

Mango mousse picture

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Name: Ruchika

I have a party over this weekend and I was looking for a new desert idea. Thanks Pragyan for sharing this awesome rasagola mango desert. I hope i will find the mango pulp from the market and make this for friends. I will let you know how it turns out.

Name: Pragyan

Hi Ruchika, Thanks for your comment. Hope you will get the mango pulp in Indian grocery store. In case you will not able to find mango pulp then you can make this desert with fresh ripe mango as well. Hope your dessert will turn out good.

Name: Sherry

Thanks for sharing this recipe, Pragyan. Could you please help by specifying the amount of pulp to be used in oz/gms? "Can" sizes can vary, hence this request. It could be even better if you could suggest brand names of mango pulp that you have tried. Also, could you please specify the approx amount of sugar too.

Name: Pragyan

Hi Sherry, I used 850gms/30oz size can. You can use any brand pulp but here i have used kesar mango pulp. Sugar is up to your taste, like how much sweetness you want in your dessert. I have used approximately 3-4tbsp sugar. Hope your dessert turn out well. Let me know how it goes.

Name: susan

Wow, I love it! You are inspiring!!! I like it because i was seeking for such type of dessert.

Name: yasmin

very tasty and innovative. Can we use rasmalai instead?

Name: Pragyan

Yasmin, yes you can add rasmalai but try not to use the liquid part(rasa) of rasmalai. As the dessert should be thick.

Name: Sherry

Hi Pragyan, I made slight variations. I used pomegranate to decorate and crumbled home made pound cake as the base. It came out really well. My mother-in-law had two servings. Thanks a million to you.

Name: Pragyan

Hi Sherry, wow some new ideas... I am glad it came out well and your family liked it.

Name: Lancy

Hello I would like to know for how much time should I hang 8 to 10 tbsp of curd for it to turn dry like panneer?

Name: Pragyan

Hi Lancy, you can hang it for overnight.

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