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Breakfast Recipe with Eggs

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People are serious regarding their diet these days, it is more true if you are above 40. You can definitely control your weight having only the required vitamins and minerals in your meal, there is no need of over eating at all.

You can shed your weight eating low calorie breakfast, lunch and dinner. The calorie of any diet is the important thing to look at before eating. So here I have a great and simple low calorie breakfast recipe for you. The main ingredient will be bread and eggs so I guess everyone will love it. The recipe is for 2 people.

Ingredients for Easy Egg Breakfast Recipe:

  • White wheat bread(2 piece you can use any bread)
  • Egg(2 large)
  • Salt (to taste)
  • Black pepper(to taste)
  • Tomato(2 large)
  • Butter(1tsp)

How to Make Breakfast with Egg and Bread:

  • Take these breads and make a hole in the middle.
  • Take pan add butter to it, when butter starts melting, place the bread and pour the egg in the middle of the bread hole.
  • Now put salt and black pepper on the top of the egg and allow it to cook in a low flame till the bottom of the egg becomes little hard. You can shorted the round cut piece of the bread in that butter for a while and serve with tomato.
  • Now the delicious fried egg in bread hole with tomato is ready to serve.

You can serve this with any kind of juice or smoothie according to your choice. I love to eat this with banana strawberry smoothie or with orange juice. If you have any low cal food ideas please share with me here.

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